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Welcome to National Research Centre on Mithun
Mithun(Bos frontalis), a unique species of the North-Eastern Hilly Region.

Mithun (Bos frontalis), the domesticated free-range bovine species, is an important component of the livestock production system of North-Eastern hilly region of India. This unique bovine species is believed to be domesticted more than 8000 years ago. Mithun is primarily reared as meat animal and highly preferred among the tribal people of North-Eastern region of India. Mithun is also used as a ceremonial animal and plays important role in economical, social and cultural life of the tribal people of North-East. Besides, it is now established that superior quality milk and hide can be obtained from mithun. National Research Centre on Mithun was established by ICAR in the year 1988 in the state of Nagaland to conserve, propagate and improve this species for future use.

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